According to your horoscope, what subject should you study?

Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars, likes to be physically active and in charge and enjoys fast-paced environments,” said clairvoyant and astrologer Stina Garbis. "Aries may choose physical education, sports therapy, political science, or law.


Finance majors may be Taurus because they are savvy with money. A profitable career major may appeal to them since they enjoy luxury.


Geminis are inquisitive, inventive, and charming. Geminis should study in marketing or journalism to switch between tasks.


Cancers, nurturers, should major in education, hospitality, and caregiving. These signs are sensitive, sympathetic, and empathic. Cancers excel in aiding and working with others because to their caring nature.


Leo, a sun-ruled fire sign, likes the spotlight and center stage," added Garbis. "Leos are good at theater, music, and political science and public speaking with political aspirations."


Virgos' decisiveness and attention to detail help them to make rapid, confident decisions. They need to feel helpful and are full of ideas.


Libras like balance, beauty, and idealism. These people may be better in creative or flexible jobs like art and architecture due to their hesitation.


"Pluto-ruled Scorpio is into the darker, more mysterious things in life," added Garbis. “They may benefit from studying less understood or buried things.


Sagittarians are wandering souls. A travel/culture job may be excellent. These people excel as anthropologists and foreign correspondents. Photographic or photojournalistic degrees may appeal to Sagittarius.


Capricorns love numbers and formulae and are duty-bound. These attributes may make computer science, engineering, and medicine good majors for this sign.


Complementary majors like accountancy or law foster rule-following. Garbis remarked "Capricorn likes boundaries and rules and may not thrive under relaxed, artist-type conditions."


The Uranus-ruled air sign Aquarius is a born inventor, said Garbis. A degree in computer science, engineering, digital design, or cinematography might suit them."


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