Each zodiac sign's approach to conflict and its resolution.

You enjoy bold and brilliant colors and won't shy away from attempting a scary beauty trend. This year, use glitter makeup on your eyelids' inner corners or on your mouth for a glitter lip.


You are one of the most trustworthy astrological signs and adore organization. Make the switch to natural-looking lash extensions this year. They'll save you from applying and removing mascara daily and help you seem put-together from the start.


Geminis are charming, so why not show it out with a bold pout? With little makeup becoming the standard, a dramatic lips in coral, pink, or red is the perfect way to go from day to night.


You're patient and open to new things, so get a gua sha stone or jade face roller. This calming face-massaging technique gives your skin a glow from inside and qualifies as self-care.


Someone as open as you will attempt glossy cosmetics, which may be scary. It worked on the runway and will work on your lids and lips as a wash.


You're practical and prefer simplifying hard chores, while being a perfectionist. Expect to love'skipcare'. K-beautification popularized 12-step beautification regimes.


Libras like group activities. Get your BFF to try a skin acid. It may seem intimidating and your indecision may deter you, but a lactic acid cleanser or glycolic acid toner might change your life.


Due to the desire for clean skincare (like ubtans) and excellent fats (like ghee), Ayurveda is growing worldwide. Since you want facts and only believe in anything when all the facts are clear


Lilac hair is the 2019 beauty trend for Sags—enthusiastic, wild, and autonomous. It's on Instagram (and Lady Gaga) and won't go away. Ask your hair colorist for a color code that suits your skin tone.


Your diligent and ambitious self will want to strive towards glass skin, the pore-less radiance that came from South Korea in 2018 and will become the standard in 2023.


Since you're clever and like exploring new items that claim results, we recommend trying CBD. CBD oil is used to face masks and pain-relief mixtures for its relaxing qualities. Try it—you won't get in trouble.


Australian beauty is the next to vie for your vanity space after Korean and Japanese. Following in the footsteps of beauty darling Aussie company Aesop, lesser-known brands are gaining popular success


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