Each zodiac sign's approach to conflict and its resolution.

Fiery Aries may not want to resolve a problem if they don't value it. When attempting to make peace with the ram, first make it apparent that resolution is vital to you.


When fighting Earth sign Taurus, demonstrate desire to comprehend their side since it takes a lot to sway the bull's mind. Even though Taurus sees your point, they may not agree,


The Mercury-ruled Gemini prefers to ponder out loud during conflicts, which needs patience from those trying to settle a problem. Holmes adds, “It's easier to work with Gemini when you're a close friend or a loved one


According to Holmes, Cancers are caring and don't like fighting. Holmes says they go above and above in daily contacts to prevent confrontation. If you're fighting with a Cancer


Holmes said Leo thinks about fights before telling others. “They also try to anticipate people's needs so they don't have conflict,” she says. Leos also apologize quickly when they make a mistake.


Holmes believes battling with a Virgo may be tough since they don't communicate their opinions. Holmes believes Virgos may not anticipate confrontation because they think they did everything perfectly or have modest expectations and a “you knew what you were getting into” mentality.


Holmes suggests Libras keep their feelings to themselves to avoid confrontation due to their harmony. They adore helping others, yet some get left out.


To resolve disagreement with Scorpio, remember that they are keen observers. When fighting a Scorpio, "you have to also keep in mind that they were probably studying you the entire time, so they'll have a retort," adds Holmes. Scorpio, like Libra, seeks equilibrium and may tell you how you offended them.


Holmes says freedom-loving Sagittarius, like Virgo, believes in decorum even while battling. Thus, people may see them as cold or harsh. To effectively handle this zodiac sign's fighting, tell them how you feel—but don't shout.


“Capricorns can be a little callous,” adds Holmes. Capricorn, the goal-oriented sign, likes most things to be realistic and mature, including talks. Holmes adds, “Capricorn will listen, and then Capricorn will respond


It's essential to inform an Aquarian about a dispute immediately since they may not perceive it later. Think "Well, why didn't you say anything earlier?" The good news is that Aquarians seek others' opinions and are open to error.


Pisces may not understand others' perspectives. Holmes suggests revisiting the idea of war, which may be alien to them. Helping a Pisces see why you care might settle a dispute.


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