How do the stars describe your preferences in eyewear?

Fearless and resolute, you won't back down. You also take chances and go where no one else would. Being daring, your fashion style must include vivid colors and accessories.


You would do everything to protect your family. Strong-willed and nimble, you act when things must be done. Though you may not like fashion, you can pull off looks that rival it.


How sociable you are determines your charm and wit. Your fashion choices may be influenced by your fickleness. You'll never run out of clothing since you like stacking garments and accessories.


You're the carefree, happy person who likes having friends and family around. You solve difficulties quickly and are reliable. You like unusual patterns and interesting printed garments since you're funny.


Leo, the bold and fearless lion, leader and guardian of his/her family, you are always there to rescue the day. The ideal colors are big and modernistic to express your courage and flair.


Everyone relies on you to have fun at the party. You combine old and current clothes with your distinct flair. Your priority is perfection, so you strive for distinctive aesthetics.


You're naturally stylish and know the current trends. It takes little effort to appear great, but you should mix and match clothes.


You live for love, and all you accomplish relies on your ongoing care and support. You also explore uber-fashion before buying. Like your sign's animal, you like bold, eye-catching apparel.


Due to your zeal, you're a fantastic friend with traits from most star signs. Like your governing planet Jupiter, your clothing and spending habits are likely to be large.


You're an efficient crowd member because you establish priorities and get things done. You care a lot about how clever you seem since it reflects your high IQ.


You're exuberant, full of life, and irreverent, yet your dress style shows your adventurous personality. Shapely frames with brilliant colors are the most unconventional eyewear.


Like your star sign, you enjoy life and want to improve people' lives. Your dress choices show your creativity. Go for unusual eyeglass frames.


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