Ideal Paint Color for Your Astrological Sign

Aries will never be called “boring.” Their residences must be as stunning as they are. “An Aries house has a modern look,” explains founder Susan Miller.


Sensual Taurus prefers neutrals, which may surprise you. However, Taurus homes have so much going on that neutral walls are needed to tie it all together. “This is the investment sign,” Miller says.


As an air sign, Gemini loves light, making it crucial to their interior design. “They're [born] at the time of the year with the longest daylight, so their color is pale yellow,” Miller explains.


“Cancer rules the home,” Miller says. Period. No further action. Entering a Cancer home is comforting since they focus their energy there. Cancers value family, so their homes must be cozy and loving.


Leo's royalty demands high-quality materials, appliances, and colors. “Gold, scarlet, and purple are very associated with Leo,” Miller explains. Their dyes are the most expensive.


Earth sign Virgo is sometimes represented as Mother Earth. Because they are caring and steady, this sign won't paint bold walls. “A Virgo is organized with neutrals, creams, navy, grays, chocolate, and possibly teal accents,” Miller says.


Libras are born in fall, yet their style isn't earthy like Virgo's. People of this sign prefer gentler colors than the changing leaves outside. Miller says, “Libra is ruled by Venus, and Venus is associated with pastels.


Scorpios are mysterious. Scorpio wants shadow, Gemini light. “Scorpio likes black,” Miller says. “They like dark, sensual, sleek things like eggplant. They get stressed by too much domestic stimulus.


Sagittarius home decor reflects their life-loving nature. Miller says Sagittarius likes to bring home souvenirs from their trips. Mementos are tastefully displayed at home.


Capricorn needs coziness because he was born in winter. This sign like to call themselves minimalists and traditionalists, not austere. “They love wood-paneled walls and traditional furniture,” Miller says.


Aquarius rejects tradition and embraces modernity, unlike Capricorn. “They like cobalt blue, fuchsia, and gray,” Miller explains. “They’ll use unknown fabrics.


Pisces is a water sign, therefore any blue will work. Miller compares their color pallet to Monet's Water Lilies. “Those are their colors—blues, turquoise, pale pinks, almost blue whites, lilac, violet,” she explains.


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