MATHGIRL? YOUNG ARTIST? Children learn best from zodiac signs.

Aries are good in arithmetic because they memorize and comprehend patterns. They love succinct answers.


The bull is a very patient sign that is also highly useful (and, to be honest, rather amazing!). What would interest them the most? Naturally, chemistry.


Reading improves Geminis. Reading, writing, and British literature will become your child's favorites. Geminis have read almost every book.


Crabs love learning languages because they seldom get tongue-tied. Cancer signs in Spanish, French, or Japanese class will astonish you.


The lion is the most aggressive symbol. They take gym seriously. Prepare for plenty of afterschool dancing and sports since your child will ace any fitness test.


Practical Virgos take global issues seriously. However, they will succeed in hard sciences, notably biology, by using their brains. White jackets!


This time of year's kids are creative, talented, and passionate. Let them get dirty in a painting or pottery lesson.


Scorpios love the spotlight, so they'll sit front row in performing arts classes. Buy her performance tickets now.


Sagittarius—what else? Carmen Sandiego. Travel and learn about geography, history, and politics with this sign.


Capricorns are sensitive and observant by nature, which means any type of social science like psychology, sociology, or even philosophy is a match made in heaven for this sign.


This water sign enjoys history class. Mom and Dad, brush up on your dates because your child will love learning about ancient civilizations,


Pisces know music well. Whether it's their first recorder or oboe, watch their musical skills shine.


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