Most Intelligent Star Sign: Astrologers' Pick

If someone geeks out, studies hard for tests, or has a crazy amount of information, they've probably been dubbed a nerd—and that's okay. They have the best stories and are usually the sharpest.

Expect them to collect books, watch movies, and speak multiple languages. No surprise if they share a horoscope. From erudite to dorky, read on to discover the nerdiest zodiac signs.

Taureans are wise. Life counselor, astrologer, and psychic Betty Andrews calls them the zodiac's intellectual treasure troves at Fresh Start Registry.

This sign solves problems better than anyone else. "Capricorns' strategic minds and love of complex problem-solving make them top-tier nerds," adds Andrews.

Astrologer and Psychic Stina owner Stina Garbis adds, "This sign loves to follow the rules and has a hard time breaking them." They may be the teacher's pet or academically successful, but their nerdiness is complex.

Aquarian rebels do things their way. The nerd in them thinks differently from most people.

Andrews says Virgos are geeky because they are analytical perfectionists. She explains, "Their love for order and attention to detail makes them ideal geeks."

Geminis won't let you forget their wisdom. When excited, they'll geek out. This makes them the nerdiest zodiac sign, along with their capacity to talk constantly.

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