The Astrological Signs and the Healthiest Ways to Get in Shape

Aries, the first sign, is a fiery, ambitious ram. Stomping your feet gets Aries what you want, and you typically win. Lean into your youthful delight to establish a new habit, Aries.


Venus, the goddess of beauty and plenty, rules Taurus, the prettiest cow. Sensual sign likes comfort. But you can still get your hands filthy. Earth sign, you are.


Chatty Gemini is busy. Mercury, the messenger planet, regulates communication and the twins symbolize this sign. This may make you popular and productive, but it makes it hard to relax. Geminis should meditate but vary their methods.


Cancer, symbolized by the crab, is a hermit. While this sign enjoys solitude, you are not always nice homebodies. After all, crabs have claws and sidestep like Cancers. Thus, your demonic side is gloomy and party-loving.


The strong, golden-hearted lion Leo struggles with stay-at-home commands. You adore the spotlight, not vanity. Nothing wrong with it. As a sun-ruled lion, you were designed to shine.


The Virgo's organizing talents are legendary. Your sign enjoys ticking boxes, sharing Google calendars, and customizing your workplace. The Virgo hermit card in the tarot suggests spending time alone to recuperate.


Libra, symbolized by scales, requires balance to be whole. If a Libra feels cramped up, an excellent habit to adopt is running or swimming. Yes, Libra—sex is active.


The Scorpio rumor of emotional intensity is real. Breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation may help water signs manage anxiety, especially during stressful situations. Scorpio, your energy is seductive.


As one of the most scholarly signs, Sagittarius thrives on acquiring new abilities. This might be weaving, web design, cooking, or furniture building.


Capricorn works hard and likes starting new habits to progress. The sea goat is loyal and doesn't back down. Starting a side company or decorating your house now is perfect. Responsibility-based behaviors suit Capricorns.


Aquarius is the zodiac's humanitarian and won't stay home when the world needs aid. Habits that assist your community will work best for your sign. Participate in local politics or demonstrations and keep your promise.


Pisces is one of the most creative signs and will profit from a new artistic activity. As an intuitive water sign, you like art and writing (especially memoirs and fiction). Movement, like choreographing dancing routines or riding, motivates Pisces.


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