The Best Fall Drink for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Fire signs are passionate, impetuous, and vocal, thus they need a spicy, hot drink. Spiced tea, cinnamon, and bourbon make this Pumpkin-Spice Hot Toddy perfect! "There's no zodiac sign as adventurous, energetic, and courageous as Aries,"


Tauruses are grounded, reliable homebodies, yet Venus rules them, so they indulge. A pumpkin spice latte should be their go-to drink this season, and this recipe lets you alter the sweetness and use nondairy milk.


This versatile, talkative air sign is personified by twins and has two personalities. Apple cider is the ultimate fall drink since it can be served fresh, chilled, spiced, warm.


A Cancer would rather be on the couch with a drink than anywhere else. This moon-ruled water sign is emotional and moody, so a sweet and spicy drink like this Turmeric Latte is perfect.


Leos love being the life of the party and delight in being the center of attention. This unique hot buttered rum "fits this zodiac sign very well since Leos are also warm-hearted, loving and enthusiastic," says Duval.


A bold and hardworking Virgo requires a straightforward cool weather drink. A shot of espresso would help them focus on work, chores, or exercise. "Virgos are modest, practical, and analytical, so espresso suits them," explains Duval.


Librans are charming, kind peacemakers who see both sides. Air signs can also be indecisive. Ideal for those who enjoy a sweet drink, hot chocolate is ideal.


Scorpios are intense and scary, but they desire true feelings and experiences. This Maple Whiskey Sour may suit this sign. Duval says, "To match a zodiac sign as intense, magnetic, and powerful as the Scorpio, you need a strong drink."


This lively globetrotting fire sign lights up a room and makes friends easily. Sagittarians deserve a fall cocktail like this fashionable, coffee-studded Whipped White Russian to match their spirited independence.


Capricorns are ambitious and disciplined workaholics, thus mulled wine may help them relax. Duval says "Mulled wine suits this sign because it's traditional and comforting."


Aquarians are unconventional, free-spirited, and independent, striving to improve society. Our Matcha Latte is bold and unusual for this unique sign. Duval adds, "A delightfully light, foamy drink is a dream come true for an air-guided sign."


This dreamy water sign is one of the zodiac's most artistic. They have strong intuition and are passionate and empathetic. Tea is a no-brainer for this water-bearer.


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