The Quality Your Zodiac Sign Ignores.

Aries are active, quick-witted, and demanding. Your charisma and leadership skills make you feared or adored, depending on your mood and audience.


Taureans are stubborn, self-indulgent, and grounded. Tauruses are lethargic and simply want to eat and sleep, however this is incorrect.


Geminis are either flaky, two-faced, or Kanye West, depending on who hurt them. None seem fair.


"All of the Cancer descriptions I've read about seem to imply that we are barely holding back tears because we are so sensitive and crabby.


Leos are self-centered, theatrical, and vain. Not necessarily wrong either. Leo is the only sign ruled by the sun, not a moon or planet.


Virgo is Type A due to its analytical, detail-oriented perfectionism. You're probably an organized, focused worker.


Libra is considered shallow. Culture, beauty, and romance are important to you, and you're social rather than independent.


Scorpio symbolizes extremes. The ineffable Sylvia Plath (a Scorpio) described you as "blood-hot and personal" to your friends and family.


Sagittarius is considered flighty and unattached. People under the sign are adventurous, spontaneous, and free-spirited.


Practical Capricorns. You have a typical, linear outlook on life and a practical, realistic approach to accomplishing your goals.


Humanitarian, independent, and creative Aquarius. You may be "allergic to emotion," detached, or standoffish.


Pisces is considered the most spiritually evolved sign by astrologers. Pisces people can seem like daydreaming space cadets or calm, loving nurturers.


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