The top kissers are six Zodiac signs.

I acknowledge that no astrologer can foretell good kissers. Kissing is a skill you develop through practice, not a talent.

All of that. I believe every zodiac sign has some innate features. Traits that can improve your kissing, if not make it.

The lion sign is one of the most reliable and passionate kissers since they are enthusiastic and majestic about everything they do. Leos usually take pleasure in their making-out skills!

This sign's kissing abilities are unconventional and enjoyable because they're daring and risk-taking. They don't like routine, therefore they always spice up things, including their kisses!

One of the most sensual signs, Taureans find their kisses intense and passionate. They love spicy things and enjoying them, which makes their kisses more memorable.

Cancerians are masters at seduction and keeping couples hooked, so when they kiss you, expect your world to rock. Their warmth, grip, and urgency will have you wanting more!

Good kissers are those with this star sign because their kisses mean something. They will captivate you with their amazing and sincere pecks.

Finally, pisceans are on this list because they believe pleasure is a two-way street and value giving and receiving equally. Because they are about YOU, these kisses will exhaust your senses and leave you breathless.

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