Useful Essential Oils for Your Zodiac Sign

Honest, daring, and headstrong people born under this sign are attracted to stimulating, bright smells that fill their home with comfort and warmth.


The best scent for a kind, earthy, patient, and practical Taurus is a luxurious blend of sweet, creamy flowers like honeysuckle, gardenia, or magnolia,” Zerner and Farber say.


Zerner and Farber describe Geminis as smart, adaptable, chatty, and well-read. Both astrologers mention that Geminis have a hyperactive intellect, therefore they should utilize fragrances like basil, bergamot, and grapefruit.


This sign's people are recognized for nurturing and protecting others, Zerner and Farber say. Melon, vanilla, and coconut scents calm Cancers and balance their emotions.


Leos are theatrical, proud, amorous, lively, and fun-loving, say Zerner and Farber. Lemon, ginger, garlic, and marjoram essential oils are recommended for this symptom since the back and heart are delicate.


Earthy Virgos are active, analytical, clever, loyal, and responsible, according to Zerner and Farber. However, Virgos are perfectionists, so finding an essential oil to calm them is key.


Libras need fidelity, collaboration, and commitment, according to Zerner and Farber. Libras like luxury, therefore Zerner and Farber propose neroli (orange blossom) or lavender essential oils


Scorpios are passionate, devoted, and resolute, but Zerner and Farber say they are also the zodiac's expert investigators who prefer to find the truth. They have powerful passions, thus both astrologers recommend strong scents.


Zerner and Farber say Sagittarians are cheerful, passionate, and adore strange and unusual things. Both astrologers prescribe tea tree essential oil to cure and promote Sagittarians


Zerner and Farber describe Capricorns as ambitious, careful, and disciplined. Capricorns are persistent, but both astrologers claimed coriander is the best essential oil to soothe their stubbornness.


Zerner and Farber say aquarians are distinctive, smart, eloquent, and progressive with free-thinking minds. Aquarians are idealistic, thus both astrologers suggest the perfume of lemon verbena


Pisces as sensitive, inspired, and clairvoyant. Pisces may sense odors on a truly mystical soul level, thus they recommend elemi essential oil for stress relief and meditation.


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