What the zodiac sign means for pillow style.

Aries lead. They rule! Jean's hue and stripes are strong. It can be a base pillow or an accent pillow.


Tauruses enjoy tranquility. Venus rules them, thus beauty matters. We chose a cushion that brings beauty and serenity to your house and is super comfortable.


Our Gemini pals are social and adaptive. We thought a playful but customizable pattern would suit you guys. Delta's great!


Cancers need comfort. We chose Avery, our coziest pillow. Enough said!


We love risk-taking Leos! We wanted a bold, adventurous piece. Sylvia adds that special Leo touch to your life.


Virgos are demure. Loretta will polish your space like they do. She's feminine perfection.


Libras are aesthetic. 'Timeless pieces with a twist' would be their style. Wesley arrived first. Wesley helps them avoid conflict. It complements everything.


ISLA Scorpios are determined and powerful. We wanted their cushion to match their might. Isla was our choice. Her bold velvet and pattern make a statement.


Sagittarius are free-thinkers. They want fun! Boho suits adventurers. Sedona is boho-chic at its best.


Capricorns are smart yet ambitious. Capricorns should wear 'basics with a twist'. Charity is easy, joyful, and elegant.


ONYX Aquarius' embrace their uniqueness. Their creativity must be shown. Onyx shares their boldness.


Pisces are creative and caring. A whimsical and romantic style fit them best. Willow is.


stay tuned for more updates