Wish you could hang out with Gemini, Leo, and other fun zodiac signs.

For beginners, natural elements rule each zodiac sign. The 12 zodiac signs are fire, earth, air, and water. Every element is unique, and the three signs share a sensibility.

Earth signs balance and stabilize the zodiac, whereas water signs are sensitive and emotional. Fire signs are flamboyant trailblazers, while air signs are smart, likeable, and gregarious.

Aside from the elements, the ruling planets of the signs also shape the personalities of its inhabitants. Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter represent intense communication, drive, adventure, and travel.

First in the zodiac wheel is the cardinal fire sign ram. Mars rules Aries, who are assertive, driven, and positive. Desirous and childlike, they like to get things done and face every situation with optimism.

Uranus rules this air sign, the most revolutionary zodiac sign. This sign's people are humanitarian and seek the greater good. Since they put others first, their ideas are usually ahead of their time. They are loved by all for these traits.

This fire sign with a lion represents everything bright, bold, and beautiful. Leo is the monarch of the zodiac due to its fixed attitude. People under this sign are royal and cherish pride and loyalty above anything else.

Jupiter rules this fire sign, the zodiac's traveler. People born under this sign are adventurous and open-minded. The way they do anything is addictive, compelling, and mesmerizing.

Mercury rules this air sign, the most social zodiac sign. They never fail to wow with their knowledge, charm, and ideas. Since they're funny, this mutable sign symbolized by The Twins never has a dull moment.

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