Your Zodiac Sign Determines Your Coffee Choice


Your ruling planet Mars and fire sign nature make you confident in your choices and willing to step outside your comfort zone. Aries, why not get a coffee as sweet and spicy as you?


Taurus, you like sweet life. Earthy and sensible, you prefer the slow way and don't need to prove yourself. Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of creativity and romance, sips coffee to ground itself.


Atlas states "you need variety and, as such, you're not afraid of a complicated order," given your zodiac sign's duality. "If you enjoy a half-caff large iced oat milk latte with a pump of vanilla or a double shot macchiato, who are we to judge?


Cancer is comfortable and routine-oriented. You enjoy nostalgic foods, old pals, and other emotional items. You soak up people' emotions as a moon sign, which rules emotion and intuition. 


The zodiac's outgoing scene-stealer needs a drink. You like to experiment and make trends as a fire sign. Your extravagant tastes won't be satisfied by a cold brew or vanilla latte. 


People call you a perfectionist, but you prefer to call yourself refined. Virgos enjoy everything "just so," particularly your tried-and-true favorites. 


Was there any doubt that Libra would choose a rose latte? Sweet and seductive. Venus rules romance, so you live like a romantic comedy, enjoying the little things that remind you of life's beauty.


Intense Scorpio goes deep with your passions, whether they're work, hobbies, or love. You are the most sensuous zodiac sign. However, Mars rules you, so you get hot when things get tough.


Sagittarius, an adventurous and lively fire sign, thrives in unexpected situations and can adapt. Due to your frequent airport evenings, you're undoubtedly used to poor coffee.


Being practical, organized, and ambitious, you want to be direct. You don't have time for a complicated coffee order because you're busy every day. 


Imaginative Aquarius thinks creatively. You'll share your quirky views whenever possible and encourage others to do so. Atlas says you need "an efficient flow of caffeine to make [your] dreams come to life," but you also want to stand out.


Pisces, the zodiac's dreamer, seeks stimulation and variety. Like Scorpio and Cancer, your coffee order depends on your mood, but you're sensitive, gentle, and artistic. 

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